Rachelle Bomberg

Press Release Primart Gallery l997



Integrating Painting And Dance

A response in dance to the paintings of RACHELLE BOMBERG will be undertaken by Jazzart, Jagged Dance and Balu Searll-Nivison at the exhibition opening on Tuesday 2nd September 1997 at 6.00p.m. at Primart Gallery.

"In my love and association with dance" notes RACHELLE BOMBERG, "I and some of those I have worked with, often visualized integrating my work with it's energised movement, together with dance".

This vision becomes a reality when BOMBERG'S dance associates will create cameo dance pieces in response to her paintings. At the opening by ALFRED HINKEL, members of Jazzart, Jagged Dance and Balu Searll-Nivison will perform works Primart Gallery responding to Bomberg's passion for movement through space that is a feature of her work.

"Rhythm is a part of my work process. I am thrilled and honoured that even, in a small way, at my opening, the unifying of painting and dance can be achieved" comments Bomberg.

Bomberg is also very thrilled that ALFRED HINKEL, director of Jazzart, will be opening her exhibition. "I have always respected Alfred's integrity and courage in realizing the urgency to reach out to the underprivileged through the art of dance. He is constantly striving to foster unique rhythms and talent, transcending the particular into new dance forms. Without adequate funding and in difficult times, he has tirelessly pursued his commitment to his vision and goal." That struggle to bring form and resolution to creative vision is common to all art forms. BOMBERG'S opening will be an opportunity for dancers and painter to realize that fusion.

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Press Release Primart Gallery l997

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