Rachelle Bomberg

Extracts from an article by Mary-Ann Hart

On my first visit to the 3rd I Gallery I was introduced to the work of Rachelle Bomberg. Two of her paintings were being exhibited there. The painting 'Spirit of an Orchid' literally took my breath away and blew my mind.

... colour is everything in this work. There is hardly a trace of black to be found. The forms are visually tantalizing. There is so much movement to be seen - as in most of all her work - that you set your eyes on a spot only to very soon after shift your eye to another interesting aspect. The eye is forced to keep on moving ... so I can self-assuredly say that Rachelle Bomberg's work ... is alive... and well.

Bomberg, Symbolism, Spirituality & a bit of Philosophy…

Something that sits very comfortably with me is that although Rachelle's work has specific meanings, symbols and associations to herself, we can make of it what we want. We have the freedom and space to make our own associations and interpretations.

The Process of Painting

... her first series of movements are dance like as she works in conjunction with music. First a few areas of colour are born. Every now and then she will stand back to see what has evolved. She analyzes, inspects it from a technical point of view from time to time. Ultimately she enters a trancelike state where her brush is 'guided' ... the first few layers can sometimes be frustrating as the paint must dry before the next layer can begin and her vision and eagerness is ahead of the process. As the surface becomes more complex she spends longer periods. Sometimes up to 8 or more hours per day, rarely stopping for breaks or meals. She describes it as being "very intense" ...

"Crucifix with Gold Leaf"

This painting caught my eye, but held my attention even more when Rachelle explained its symbolism to me. In the centre is a red birthing sac, foetus with. A cross is depicted behind in gold leaf. The gold already crumbled creating a striking three-dimensional effect. Partially covering the sac are cascades of colour, namely blue, white, green, red-brown, yellows and ochres. Rachelle was moved to paint this work due to the horror of 'necklacing' (tire burnings) that occurred some years ago. One incident in which a pregnant woman was burned by her own people for buying from a white-owned store struck deep in her heart.

It is a sad and angering injustice, and the colours portray such emotions ...

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