Rachelle Bomberg

Spirit in the Mass

A speech by Beezy Bailey at a function at Windermere House

Rachelle comes from a grand tradition of wondering Jews. She also comes from an artistic bloodline to be proud of. Her Uncle David Bomberg has been an inspiration to myself and countless other artists since making his mark as one of the greatest artists to come out of the British modern movement.

Clearly his genes have gone directly to his niece. In common is what he referred to as "spirit in the mass" and the sensual atmosphere - his masculine, hers the feminine and of course both artists incorporating both sexes as well.

There are many layers to the work: what strikes one at first as being an abstract painting suddenly has an animal or human figure.

Traditions such as surrealism, cubism, expressionism - all isms seem to become wasms. Clearly much consideration and effort goes into their creation - dreams evolving.

Dali, Turner, David Bomberg and Judith Mason sweep into the mind as the brushstrokes caress the canvasses.

The painting "In the Beginning - Genesis" again has some reference to her Uncle in it's biblical references and its strength, the sadness and the light. When Rachelle came to South Africa she came to its light, the sun ...Van Gough...

What interests me is the way certain paintings, like "On Wings of Wind" grow on one. Less is more.

We can't paint masterpieces all the time. But there are jewels to be found and you will be able to find them.

So good luck Rachelle on that lonely, magnificent path of painting and well done the lucky ones of you who acquire these jewels.

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