Rachelle Bomberg

June 2012

At my Walkabout at the Sasol Art Museum young adult art students were present. I later the same day visited their workroom. Here they are planning for World Youth Day - 16th June - a project for the University of Stellenbosch entitled 'Change Your World'. Opening 15th June at the Sasol Museum in Stellenbosch.

I spoke afterwards to each one and was deeply moved by their awareness of the dynamics of their world. The injustices they have inherited and their growing commitment to change through the 'Arts'.

Poverty is not only a lack of money. It's society run by some leaders and big business who are hell bent on accumulating unnecessary wealth for themselves at the expense of everyone and everything else. In SA this only perpetuates an empty and divided insular culture. A dark, empty place.

None of this is new. It has been since the beginning of mankind's history. However growth has occurred only through individuals willing to stand against it. Otherwise we would all be slaves or extinct by now !

I saw and felt the hunger in these young people. I as an artist would like to help and commit to liaise with business and cultural organisations here and overseas to 'uplift' and bring light.

Funding for workshops is needed. Beginning at the Stellenbosch University Museum. Later to Mitchell's Plain. I ultimately envisage bursaries from business and government for cultural exchange to enable our Youth, in particular the underprivileged, to experience directly world culture and eduction so the cultural divide narrows over time both within SA and it's place in the 'new global village'.

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