Rachelle Bomberg

October 1983

... Whereas my earlier works were entirely abstract and sought a metaphysical path to self-knowledge, these works describe the the breakdown of matter and perception into spirit - the process intertwined and merging through time-space passages. Nonetheless, the forms that emerge and recede from the picture plane are still intuitive. No formulation in written words is attempted before a series is complete. In this way they remained as swirling visions evoked directly.

The paints are ambiguous and can be understood on different levels. Line is used to express emotion and to 'draw in' new forms; it works together with brushstrokes of many layers, which in turn create their own forms. They can be read as a whole shape within the picture plane, or broken up and extended beyond. These shapes can be seen as abstract, 0r the viewer can create his own images and forms – literal or abstract – animal, plant, human……..or whatever.

Once again, as in previous explorations, light reacts with colour, and the paintings undergo subtle changes which can create a shift in focal point. Therefore, the compositions are continuously changing, as is light itself ...

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