Rachelle Bomberg

August 1988

These new works, completed over 5 years, reflect changes within an individual and society from all aspects – fear, pain, anxiety, release, growth – the spiral of life….

From the more abstract earlier works, there is a shift to greater realism. Whereas those works sought, idealistically, to transcend emotional conflict and a limited perception of reality through a search for serenity and oneness, these new paintings are rich in intuitive symbolism and do not attempt to shortcut conflict. Instead, I penetrate the psyche and record the process of change, growth into maturity through personal crisis as a modern woman, and the crisis of the society in which I find myself…..often quite an ordeal.

However, once again, light is integral to the surfaces, as well as imbuing the paintings with emotional and spiritual depth. Though unlike earlier works, light is seen through as many as twenty layers of fine glazes, which often seem to merge into darkness until lit, whereby they glow luminously and mystically from within. Forms become figures, which merge into landscape and sea; fathomless depths break up and reform. The brush constantly swirls in spiraling movement, reminiscent of the essence of universal structure. Matter and spirit are interpreted in sweeping 'winged forms', life's essence breaks free from the symbolic confines of womb and shell, and the illusions of womanhood is destroyed in the torn lace of the bridal veil.

Whilst there is something reminiscent of early European painting, the heat, light and pulse of Africa unmistakably throb.

Personal Concepts

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2005 - Windermere House


1990's - Goddess Series

August 1988

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