Rachelle Bomberg

1990's Goddess Series

Only by balancing, the resurrection of the true feminine power within both the male and the female can the world regain some equilibrium and our Earth receive the nurturing is so desperately needs.

Many are feeling the urgency to readdress those concepts of a spiritual nature before we loose touch completely in an age of dehumanizing technology – a technology if unchecked rapes and abuses the earth and makes the H Bomb as archaic as David's sling.

I feel it is time for me to explore (both in my life and my work), the intrinsic nature of our 'beauty as women – of being feminine and regaining our powers through acceptance of who we really are. (I have searched in rich heavy tones the cycle of birth, life, duality and death, as well as the ethereal lightness of the ether – of being ....

These new paintings begin a series 'balancing' the dual nature within the interconnectedness of all life through the Goddess – in all her forms, expressing inner strength through the outer feminine form to which we were born. (I would mention that I do not mean the media's concept of female beauty, which despite a few new symbols of our era, is still biased and distorted).

What I speak of is the grace, wisdom and power embodied in the Goddess, revered since ancient times.

The priestess and healer represented the Goddess in society. Male dominated ideologies threatened by this power used force to oust the feminine.

Healers were burned at the stake as witches, who became a symbol of revulsion. Their healing hands and deep knowledge – that brought forth life as midwives – depicted gnarled. Women were given an apple and accused of being the perpetrators of original sin. Their powers suppressed their energy diminished. Intuition and insight overrun by left-brain prowess which had free reign to flow unheeded onwards into the modern industrial and materialistic world – a world where progress and destruction go hand in hand.

The Great Goddess of the Ancient Earth was split into five main symbols by Greek mythology weakening her power by division.

Demeter Goddess of the cornfield, mistress of the ancient rites of fertility, mother of Persephone ...wife of Hades living 6 months of the year in the underworld – annual cycle of renewal. Wise Athena Goddess of war who took no pleasure from battle preferring to settle disputes and uphold the law by peaceful means. Aphrodite Goddess of love ... Artemis Goddess of the hunt ...

On the spot where Glastonbury Cathedral now stands and King Arthur and Guinevere are buried the ancient rites of the priestesses of the island of Avalon took place.

Whether legend or true, Avalon has sunk into the mists, into a dimension beyond the reach of this world - Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

“Golden, pregnant with the richness of the cleansed Earth, ripe with the magic of existence – Her Energy, undefeated, (yet now invisible to this world) flows onwards, through eternity, in ceaseless rhythms”.

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