Rachelle Bomberg


'Journey to Infinity' originally began as a joyous journey into a 'New Age Landscape'. Symbols of spirals, triangles, beams of light, visions of seascapes, still lakes beyond mountain ranges, ships, odysseys, flight – the cosmos in eternal movement. The initial source of inspiiration grew during a visit to the Swartberg Mountains in Southern Africa.

We drove a jeep which hung to a twisting narrow road that forged its way through the seemingly endless mystic valley. Land forms moved, changed, shifted in ceaseless rhythms. Waterfalls, rock-faces were one moment above us, then below as our jeep climbed and twisted its way through the mountain pass. Chasms and gorges moved in a symphony while great vistas that were one moment in the distance – quickly became unearthly sculptures above us completely dwarfing us.

We set up camp in this remote area. The hot dry relentless African sun against a pure ultramarine blue sky, silhouetting mountains here and there, much like a child's paper cut-out. Colours subtly changed their hues as the earth turned on its orbit – the only reference that time still existed. Then the relief of night came. The blackened sky illuminated by a silvery moon and canopy of stars that showed themselves in splendour in this awesome hemisphere. The first painting – “Journey to Narnia” unbeknown to me was beginning to take form.

After a few blissful days came heavy rains which forecast that the night might turn into a deluge so before dark we decided to break camp. Our only option was the hazardous solitary road that had brought us to this spot some days before. Only now the landscape became more foreboding. I turned to look behind at the valley where we had experienced a sanctuary of peace. The rolling mists imbued it with an eerie feel, somewhat reminiscent of the Scottish Highlands, yet unique in its own energy.

We drove into the dark ahead of us with neither moon nor stars. Great shapes loomed ominously whenever the storm lit the sky. This perilous return journey became symbolic of future world events starting on September 11 that would trigger the final works of this series.

The essence of my work is an infinite journey of my personal spiritual search as I relate my own inner experiences with the outer world. My wonder at this great Universe, my passion for human rights and equality. My dismay and anger at injustices that ignorance, greed and intolerance create. So too my compassion and empathy for humanity – our pain, love, grief, joys and sorrows – emotions that ultimately unite all of humanity whatever the colours, symbols and traditions of our myriad cultures. Advances in technology aid progress for mankind and are unlocking some of it's mysteries, but may ironically result in our dehumanization and even destruction. Information is the order of the day – but which information do we choose to assimilate and can it sometimes be twisted to our disadvantage and at what cost? These were my thoughts as I finished the first part of the series.

As I approached a new canvas - there came the news of the World Trade Centre horror.

Our world had turned upside down – never to be the same again! At first there was disbelief, anger, fear then paranoia. A daunting epitaph to our hopes for a peaceful world – the New Age! Now behind the insidious mask of terrorism, the nature of war on our planet had changed. The 'cell', the essence of life, took on a hideous new significance.

From nowhere I found that a red staircase had developed on the near empty canvas. As often happens, images appear to me seemingly from an invisible mystical space. This time it became apparent that my response to this massacre was forming its expression in the blood-stained mountain stairway.

My first joyous landscapes had been challenged. The spiritual and emotional outpouring within me – within us all, flowed onto my canvases. September 11 elicited an intensity to my landscapes which was not previously evident.

This exhibition became a landscape documentary of impressions before and after September 11.

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