Rachelle Bomberg

2005 - Windermere House

... ”For me each layer has to have a beginning and an end. I will take the whole surface to a conclusion and start to let it talk to me. It's a relationship that starts to build up between myself and the canvas. I'm open to allowing more of the universe to come through. It's a very pure space. It's a state of grace.; It can't be broken with phone calls. I will play different kinds of music – and then sometimes complete silence.

The house gives me a tremendous amount of satisfaction as I've watched it change during renovations. It has an incredible energy which is one of the things that struck me when first walked in – even with all the brown walls, floors and ceilings…….There are no ghosts – pity….

You can hear the sea from the house at night.

I've worked with a lot of texture – experimental stuff. Spray paint, fabrics, sculpture, clay, other – but I like the simplicity and purity of working in one medium. I happen to find the sensuality of oil does it for me. There's a surface, a few colours, a palette and few brushes. From there immense dimensions can develop.

My present work I think I will call 'The Enchanted Garden' but I'm not quite sure what title it will eventually end up with. It's very much like stepping into paradise. I was very inspired by the garden as it grew around me. Every day flowers bursting forth with new energy and colour. It had been a sadly neglected one and I took great pleasure in planting – though the Muizenberg weather is harsh on gardens. There's a lot of light coming back into the work that could be something to do with the light of Muizenberg.

Those walks on the beach where you can just go on forever……

I'm reading Watkins….I'm looking for stuff that can enlighten but not in a self- help way. It may elicit a new series of abstracts…..

... As a mature artist I'm rounded now. I'm enjoying these years. There's an evolvement that's happening which is something I'm really embracing and that is also reflected in my work and in what I want and choose to say….in paint or words. I've never been into prescribed art anyway. I do what I'm driven to do.

Sometimes I wonder if there isn't such a thing as destiny because there is no doubt that if I had lived in England I would never have painted the way I do: the colours, the subject matter. It may not be African in what one would immediately suppose African to be but there's definitely my interpretation of my African experience. Even if I lived in Spain which is sunny, I would never have painted as I have. Besides, my own experiences – good and bad – have always come out of the African journey that we've all been on because one's own personal journey is also influenced by the country you live in.

It's almost like one is a barometer as an artist – the kind of artist I am”.

Extract from an interview in the Cape Times by Dominique Herman

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2005 - Windermere House


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