Rachelle Bomberg

February l981

The age in which I live is one of tremendous vitality – the outpouring of energy is probably greater than ever before. Man is searching – desperately – he looks beyond his earth into space.

This dynamism is reflected in all his pursuits – music, painting, sculpture, literature, commerce, science; the youth's exploration of 'self' and women's fight for equality, indeed, through the voice of each man's desire for freedom. The energies flow without direction, and the ensuing frustrations are colossal; frustrations that feed on man's weaknesses. The outcome is mass social unrest, war, mental illness, drug abuse, and the breakdown of the family unit. 'Change' is imminent – for better or worse – it is an age without serenity.

The progression of my work reflects my journey through life, the two are inseparable. One moment a child, growing up through the time of the Beatles culture and the hippie generation, the next a mother. From a girl seeing the world for the first time as an air stewardess, (when concept of 'time' is altered radically, traveling in a timeless capsule above the clouds), to a woman learning to 'see'………….forever learning. This entwined with the development of physical strength and breath, through movement and dance – a seemingly inconsistent stream of events engulfing an individual.

Through a process of deep concentration, I can transcend the barriers of a learnt reality, and produce in paint the passage into a new realm. My work reflects a journey to 'oneness', and could not be achieved if either the mental process or physical strength were not developed together into a whole. The effort is great, but there is a point when I flow with the canvas – the experience can be likened to dance – it is harmonious.

The technique of painting is integral to my work, the mastery of my craft must be at my fingertips. However, this is only a part; there must also be the knowledge of 'self', and at all times integrity in what I produce and belief in what I do.

Sometimes, the paintings transcend my understanding when am cast adrift on the tide of daily frustrations, and I find it difficult to relate to them. It takes courage to bring together, into a whole, the complex tissue of events, constantly overlapping and combining – the flux of life as we perceive it, that seem to have no real edge. Only then the veils seem to lift, and for an instant I can 'be' – then, the paintings live again.

“The human mechanism of perception is stunted by the screens of social training that close out all but the practical elements in the sensory barrage, giving a very limited picture of existence”.

Peter Mathiesson
The Snow Leopard

In the primitive sense, the mere act of living and surviving brought harmony with the environment. Today, man has lost the essential factors that could bring him in line with his place on earth. Man is out on a limb. He knows something is wrong, but is at a loss to find his 'Truth'. His senses are bombarded with trivia that confuse and pull him further from his source.

“Man has closed himself up until he sees all things through the narrow chinks of his cavern”.
William Blake

He does this in order to survive the relevant and irrelevant data that he has to process during a day. A day spent in such haste that time itself becomes an enemy.

My work attempts to transcend preconceived ideas of time, space, reality, and petty social dogma – and the conditioning of the media.

“Light wrapped in light, darkness wrapped in layer upon layer of darkness. Cover me with your brilliant blackness, so I may burst forth……..and be free.
Rachelle Bomberg

The world to which I belong is fraught with problems and frustrations. It is an age of great achievement, but one, nevertheless, lacking direction and serenity. I search for that missing serenity; within its wings there is still room for progress – from a richer source. I believe that man is heading, not for change, but for destruction, unless he looks not only outside himself into space, but inside himself to the eternal space within. There he may be linked harmoniously with the universe. A relearning and channeling must occur.

“As the hand held before the eye conceals the greatest mountain, so the little earthly life hides from the glance the enormous lights and mysteries of which the world is full, and he who can draw it away from before his eyes as one draws away a hand, beholds the great shining inner worlds”.
Rabbi Nachmann of Bratzlav

Ultimately words become clichéd they are poor substitutes for the job in hand. Painting is for me a physical record of my journey – it is a child that gives me much pain and joy – joy of discovery, the sheer joy of colour and movement of paint – a movement through, and into space, as well as across the canvas. An interwoven tapestry of time facets, a maze of events and forms broken down to be reborn. Every painting is a child I must nurture and allow to grow, and one day have the strength to part with……….

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