Rachelle Bomberg

February 2010

When I began as an artist I instinctively felt that whilst constructive analysis has it's place there was too much 'chatter' around painting. The kind of ambiguous rhetoric that can often be designed to baffle and create 'bubbles'.

Even back in my college days, some 35 years ago, I'd take my canvas and paints home rather than be distracted by the ceaseless 'intellectual' babble' around me. In doing so I maintained a quiet focus that formulated concrete directions for my work.

I was reminded of this the other day after hearing a quote "painting begins when words end".

The emotive quality of oils combined with intelligence, intuition and integrity has always sufficed for me. Mix in the palette talent, time, hard work and heart and one maybe onto something of substance. I do not adhere to anything prescribed or fashionable, politically or otherwise. My work does not exclude socio/political subject. However, I more often seek to transcend 'worldly issues' and open doorways to other dimensions - seeing the 'bigger picture'.

My more recent work is now updated on this site. They are a light and joyful exploration of my direct experience of nature living in False Bay. A very different experience to city life and the angst of past decades - social, political and personal. By contrast, Predator and Prey, (Gallery I, page 8), symbolizes crime in South Africa. A parallel reality to it's beauty and indicative of SA's continuing conflicts.

I am also learning the art of Flamenco dance. 2nd year now. Having been a ballet and contemporary dancer, I find it's authentic discipline and expression challenging and inspiring. 7-14 years of study....luckily a dance form that can be enjoyed in mature years! I'll see if the experience transforms into paint.

The world is changing rapidly. Art along with it. From construction to deconstruction to non-art and on....and on.... The mind boggles. I still choose the time proven discipline and sensuous expression of classical painting through my contemporary eyes. However, there's always the 'Emperors new wardrobe'....could be named 'No Art At All'.....!! Enough said.

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